That company shall provide medical assistance with due back up with highly trained medical staff and doctors.

 The company will also provide field ambulance highly equipped with high-tech equipment for cardio and other emergency requirements.

 The company will also help in transportation of the patient (client to the nearest hospital according to the economic status of the patient/client).

 The company would charges Rs. 250/- as visiting charges for sending emergency medical staff with the ambulance to the place of the client /need of the client at the time of emergency in case of any accidental or injury in the range of 5 K.M. from the satellite office of the company . And if the radial distance in that event Rs.50/- per K.M. from the satellite office of the company.

 Medication as per the doctor’s advice would be administered and given with due prescription.

 Medication administered or given by the staff would be charged from the client according to the MRP of the medication.

 In case of cardio and other emergence ailment, the company life support system i.e. ECG machine, Ventilator, Heart Shock Machine, Oxygen, Heart Rate Monitor and other equipment’s would be chargeable at nominal rates.

 The client will give due unique ID No. generated by the company at the time of emergence to facilitate the authenticity of the emergence call.

 Client agrees to pay yearly subscription for availing medical services.

 Medical services are round the clock i.e. 24x7 including public and National Holidays..

 The patients would be admitted in the hospital in accordance with the financial position and choice of the client.

 Any other person falling out the agreement of the client and his family members. The reference and request of the client would be honored for treatment of any person for which the client will be the guarantor for financial liability (medical services, ambulance, medication and other life support system) and also sign the necessary documents of the hospital if such person need emergency hospitalization.

 In case of poisoning/suicide attempt/Murder/injury due to any criminal activity would not be treated. However, ambulance services would be given and sent to the nearest hospital wherein the hospital would enforce the section of Medical legal case (MLC) and also inform the police for necessary action and registration of the F.I.R.

 The company reserve the right not to treat any patient if it finds that the client or relative are trying to hide the information pertaining to injury and nature of disease previously suffering or current occurrence of the injury. However, in such an eventualities, the client has pay to the ambulance and staff charges.